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Supercharge Your Property Campaigns

Progenys is a mobile-first, multi-platform CRM software for Real Estate Professionals. We help you win more sales by providing exceptional communication efficiency and customer experience.

We do this by focussing on three key aspects.

Supercharge your Open Homes

Communications Simplified

Win More Sales

Supercharge your Open Homes

  • Simple, quick and secure check-in

    Use your phone or tablet to do check-ins and enjoy time savings of approximately 200% compared to traditional methods

  • Collaborative Team Work

    Once checked-in, all authorised team members can take actions like sending contracts to the checked-in clients. Better collaboration brings better efficiency

  • Record Client Interests

    Take notes and mark interested clients for future actions to close the sale deal faster

Communications, Simplified

  • Send contracts & documents with one-click

    Send contracts with one-click, right at the open home – no more wasting time sending emails later on

  • SMS, Email or both

    Our intuitive design allows all form of communication with amazing simplicity

  • Communication tracking

    Be informed when your clients take actions to convert a lead in to a sale

Win More Sales

  • Accessible data insights

    We convert data into insights to allow more sales

  • Awesome user experience

    Our proactive communication capabilities will amaze your clients, resulting in more sales

  • Efficient management

    Efficient management of mundane tasks like sending contracts and auction reminders allow more time to build personal interactions, resulting in more sales


The power of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective marketing media. In 2017, AU$ 7.6 billion was spent on online advertising in Australia. It is time to give your business and your customers access to millions of buyers and sellers using social media every day. Target 15 million active Australian users on Facebook, 9 million on Instagram and 4 million on LinkedIn.

ProSocial allows you to:

  • Improve your brand awareness through the use of social media
  • Reach out to a bigger audience, enabling you to sell your properties faster
  • Push property campaigns onto Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn directly from Progenys saving some serious hours
  • Analyse social media activity from Progenys
  • Get analytics & reports delivered weekly for every property on sale
  • Manage communication with contacts across all social media from Progenys
  • Automate responses on social media using ProBot
  • Optional copywriting services provided


Intuitive AI powered search intelligence for property insights & trends

Don't waste time annoying people with letterbox drops and cold calls to get more sales. Use ProSearch, the first AI-based property search engine that will give you the power to improve your sales performance and have a targeted & personalised marketing approach.

ProSearch allows you to:

  • Use intuitive conversational search interface for uncovering property insights using your experience and our technology
  • Get a shortlist of seller leads for any suburb
  • Get a detailed property report
  • Customise search to improve your conversion rate
  • Communicate with prospective sellers more efficiently
  • Build an awesome positive brand awareness


Technology to grow your contacts and your business

ProBuilder helps you get smarter with your database marketing and management.

ProBuilder helps you to:

  • Automatically categorise your prospects and the process of lead generation
  • Do smart email marketing to existing database
  • Create customisable smart response buttons,
  • Personalise your communication to get more responses
  • Provide valuable market data to prospective sellers
  • Get property-wise seller information report to help your clients make an informed decision


Cost effective Real Estate websites

ProDigital makes awesome Real Estate websites quickly and cost effectively. We build websites for Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Agencies, multi-million dollar homes and development projects.

  • 5 to 10 days turn around in website development
  • Website integration with Progenys CRM
  • Many design templates to choose from
  • Ongoing maintenance services
  • Additional technology development services can be provided
  • Checkout our designs at

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